Telecom Site Monitor and Control

CONCIEL developed a new and innovative monitoring and controlling platform for Remote Cellular Tower Sites. CONTROMOTE is a new generation of remote management, monitoring and control using wirless protocols, reducing the need for electric cables and increasing the reliability of the solution. CONTROMOTE allows for real-time monitoring of on-site technical equipment, together with its energy consumption. Additionally, environmental parameters can be monitored, as well as any theft, damage or unauthorized access to the site. Notifications and alerts keep maintenance personnel constantly informed about the condition of their telecommunication infrastructure.

Controlling and monitoring the alarm system and sensors to secure the perimeter;
End-to-end smart diesel tanks metering solution features to monitor the gasoline usage and flow;
End-to-end smart electricity metering solution features; both AC power and DC power
Environmental monitoring – thermic map of temperature, security and safety, and electricity saving;
Controlling and monitoring the tower antenna lighting;
Controlling and monitoring the perimeter fence;
On-site access control capabilities; and
On-going tank calibration and consumption.
CONTROMOTE was designed and developed by CONCIEL with a first of its kind wireless sensor capabilities
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