We solve our customers' mission-critical problems with innovative application of technology and expertise. Our people are empowered to deliver outstanding value and productivity, and to go the extra mile for our customers.
With a unique combination of management consultants, engineers and technology professionals in one firm, CONCIEL helps organizations achieve operational excellence and optimize technology investments by developing and deploying solutions centered on industry-best practices.

Vision: As your partner, we are committed to your success
At CONCIEL, we believe that our success is built on delivering fundamental and tangible results in all of our competence areas – not quick fixes. We measure our success by that of our clients, looking beyond short-term results to the creation of long-term value.

Mission: Provide solutions with innovative technology
We are committed to maintaining the highest level of international standards and quality control. We bring innovative technologies and ideas to our clients, assisting them to improve their profitability by increasing revenue and reducing costs through various solutions.

Creativity and Tailor-Made solutions 
Within every industry, each company is unique. We visualize how your company works – in all aspects and dimensions – and working together with you, we define goals and expectations. We work with our clients to develop solutions that are tailored to their unique needs, resources and characteristics. Even when using off-the-shelf packages, we customize it to suite your business requirements, making it a unique solution for you.



Combining the IT and management skils aquired, the founder started the brand name CONCIEL , coming from the joining of the two words in french CONCEIL (advising) and PROGICIEL (Software Package) resulting in CONCIEL. at the start the services offered were:
• Management Consulting in Quality Management Standards and Business Process Modeling
• Software Application Development
• Information Management Training
• IT Infrastructure Consulting
• CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) Implementation
• EDMS (Electronic Document Management Software) Implementation


After 3 years the company assembled additional expertise mainly in the Telecom Infrastructure both on the construction and operation and maintenance. The company staff were outsourced by major players in the Telecom Infrastructure construction in Nigeria which resulted in additional servcies offered on the engineering, supply and installation of :
• Radio Towers
• Telecom Equipment Housing Shelters
• Power Systems for the Telecom Infrastructure
• Alarm Systems
in addition to the Management Consulting and IT services, the company now formeda unique combination of Engineers, Management Consultants and IT Professionals


From this year onward, the company engineering activities grew with a focus on the data center infrastructure and all its relevant systems, both in civil, and MEP. CONCIEL started offering design and project management on data centers for major telecom operators, the key services were:
• Data Center Design and project management
• Security systems from access control, camera surveillance and perimeter security
• LAN systems both in copper and fiber cabling and cable pathways


From this year onward the company started taking execution of major data centers including the related civil works and all electromechanical. Some of the new products and services in the data center category were added and included:
precision cooling with computational fluid dynamics design
• raised floor
• FM 200 and Fire Alarm
• Fire Hydrant
• Power distribution and cabling


coming back to where it started 10 years ago, CONCIEL reengineered and reintroduced the DIRIGO Business Suite, an Enterprise software application that handles most of the business's key processes. The new suite supports multiplatform, Desktop, web and mobile versions.


CONCIEL enetered the industrial IOT market with R&D department, and reengineered its remote monitoring system for the telecom sites CONTROMOTE utilizing the latest wirless technologies. The new version 16 comes integrated with DIRIGO business suite, as a module inside it which provides the added value of integrated full scale management of the sites. in addition, the CONTROMOTE ver 16 benefits form the industrial IOT expertise in the company which transformed the sensors to become wireless.