Fire Suppression

Effective Fire Suppression in Data Centers Requires Careful Planning and the risk of fire also deserves careful attention from facility managers. Should a fire occur, it is most important, after securing the safety of personnel, to ensure that equipment suffers a minimum of damage.

CONCIEL design and supply both clean agent and inert gas systems. If everything works properly, including the alarm system, electronic equipment won't be destroyed by fire and water damage will be avoided. The room has to stay tight to maintain the required concentration of the fire suppressant, whether it is an inert gas or a clean agent.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) 

The world's leading high-sensitivity air sampling smoke detection system works by continually sampling the air in the data center using laser technology to detect the presence of very small amounts of smoke. Any such detection alerts your data center manager or IT team automatically, providing optimal time to tackle the issue before serious damage is caused. 
To avoid false alarms, the system is engineered to take into account the normal atmospheric conditions in your server room. The laser technology can readily detect the difference between minute smoke and dust particles.
Gaseous fire suppression systems – fast, clean and safe
Almost all fires are extinguished within 60 seconds once its oxygen concentration falls below 15%. To this end, gas extinguishing agents are used to provide a fast and clean data center fire suppression solution. 
Our detailed evaluation means that we will recommend the optimal system for your specific requirements. Our fire protection systems include IG55, Nitrogen and FM200 gaseous fire suppression systems, or CO2 (for unmanned power sub-stations). All our fire suppression systems are odorless and colorless; and are environmentally friendly, with zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential. 
Once the fire is extinguished, the gas is removed from the server room through a fire rate and gas tight extraction unit, operated by a key switch on the outside of the room.