IP Access Control

We offer IP based Access Control Systems customized for data center operations and critical facilities, which facilitates creating an integrated system along with the CCTV and BMS systems we offer.

Access control improves security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter your data center or server room – and when. Together with CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms, access control systems provide a highly effective method of protecting your computer systems from intruders.
A full range of access control systems
We offer a range of access control systems, from simple but secure digi push button server room locks, through to biometric fingerprint readers, biometric face and Iris readers and proximity card readers. Regardless of the level of security you require, we will have the solution. our solution is IP based from 3XLOGIC
Total access control and comprehensive logging
Biometric and proximity systems log all activity, giving you total control over access to your data center or computer room and providing you with complete, time-recorded information about who enters and leaves your data center. These systems can operate across either a single computer room door or a number of doors requiring secure access.

 Biometrics for Workforce Management

We offer biometric finger print, face print and Iris print readers integrated with access control and software applications utilized for time attendance