IP Surveillance Systems

We offer IP camera systems customized for data center operations and Critical Infrastructure, which facilitates creating an integrated system, along with the acces control and DCIM systems we offer.

Together with access control systems and intruder alarms, CCTV surveillance provides a highly effective method of reducing and deterring crime, enabling 24/7 remote viewing over the internet of your server room or data center from anywhere in the world. Our product is from 3XLOGIC VISIX IP Cameras come in all shapes and styles, offer the performance and clarity you demand, and have the best pricing on the market. With VISIX IP Cameras, you have the flexibility and freedom to choose the camera that fits your needs without compromising. 3XLOGIC cameras are IP based which provide the followign benefits :

  • Easy-To-Use
    Higher Resolutions
    Lower Cable Cost
    Future Proof
    Secure Transmissions
    Reliable & Redundant
    System Integration
    Infinite Distance

with IP based cameras you get 
High quality image capture
Our CCTV package provides a fixed, endless 750GB hard drive recording system with a DVD burner (so images can be quickly and easily provided to the police). Complete with up to 64 fixed infrared cameras, images are recorded regardless of light level or 'lights-out’ environments.
Additional functionality
The cameras can deliver high levels of functionality, including intruder motion detection and remote management – with optional remote pan, tilt and zoom. The system has 6 user access at any one time – as well as remote access via the internet – to alert you instantly of the nature of the situation you are dealing with.
Intruder alarms 
Professional intruder alarm systems are a powerful deterrent to intruders. All our systems are installed and maintained in accordance with the latest international standards. For added flexibility, our specialist intruder alarm systems can be monitored and operated remotely and can interface with your CCTV, access control and building management systems, to provide a truly integrated solution.